I, Strohe jessica Christa Maria, born on 08.08.1982 confirm that i have independently, in my personal interests, registered in the webmoney transfer system with a membership number 154086949692.

my compliance with the webmoney transfer system code, the current system agreements and the provision of reliable personal data were made voluntarily.

all my actions to acquire and exercise rights, create obligations for yourself and fulfill them, committed with my membership number are equivalent to my own actions.

i understand all the consequences of my actions in the webmoney transfer system on transactions with other members, including material and other responsability.

i recognize the requirement of the inadmissibility of any actions of third parties in the webmoney transfer system on my behalft nad under membership number and accept my own responsibility for the consequences of such actions.

This statement was made by me 04.06.2021 at diaz pimienta 10, santa cruz de la palma, spain) and was certified by a handwritten signature.